Sunday, 16 March 2014

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version) AE91...

You can see the size of the box sections in relation to the men. These are not flimsy.
Above; Picture from 9-11 Research.
Actual Steel Beams used.
47 beams reaching 1.000 feet into the air; starting from the sub floors, they are 5 ins thick at the base;  and taper gradually to around an inch thick steel; at the highest point.  The box section steel is 52 ins wide x 22 ins in depth at the base; tapering to 36 ins wide x 16 ins depth; higher up; with an average thickness of around 2 to 4 inches thick; per Tower.

Huge steel beams reaching 1.000 feet high.

This is a very substantial inner skeleton. 47 Steel Columns Weighing around 100.000 Tons; with another 100.000 Tons for the outer beams. + 250.000 Cubic yards of re-enforced Concrete. How could Fire at over 800 feet high; melt steel 2 to 3 ins thick, and  thousands of tons of  re-enforced concrete; over 200 feet below?.

Concrete and Steel;  fused together by heat in excess of 4000 degrees F.

Trust this; (its impossible) without a series of controlled charges; systematically detonated at Precise intervals.  

Building 7 the Smoking Gun.
There is so much controversy about how these two buildings collapsed.

Here is a point that most people have missed completely.
Notice in the picture below; the impact and fire, are at an extremely high level of the building; this picture is only seconds away from the first collapse; But (below the fire) there is still a substantial amount of the building still intact; and (not burning);  it is reasonable to say; that damage below this level will have happened; but what about the 60 or so floors below that? =600 feet of steel and concrete that show (no sign) of fire; although many of the floors will have some blast damage; it is plain to see;  that not even the windows are blown out.

Visible localized Heat damage; from a Controlled Explosion.

Molten Steel pouring out the Tower.

The question we are left with is; How did fire melt the remaining 100.000 tons of steel;=(60 floors) and melt  into mush (the remaining) 250.000 tons of Re-enforced Concrete?..without blowing the windows out? I don't know the answer; do You?..
Some Say;  it would need Nano thermite.
These men risked their own life's to save people at the WTC; but were forced to evacuate due to a series of explosions.

911 Jumpers - 9/11 unfolds in 18 minutes (IMPROVED VERSION) Twin Towers ...

Instead of taking the Steel for examination and testing; it was removed and destroyed.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch this; but I have a duty to show it. These poor people are crying out for Justice.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Ukraine & WW3

Daniel 11:40  
(At the Time Of The End) The King of South will engage him in Battle; and the King of the North will Storm out against him, with Chariots and Cavalry;  and a Great Fleet of Ships; he will invade many Countries; and sweep though them like a flood.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

9/11: The Best Physical Evidence of Explosives - David Chandler Lecture ...

Could a Fully (BIN) laden Plane weighing less than 200 TONS traveling at 500mph Take down HALF A MILLION TONS of STEEL and CONCRETE?..Lets See!..

 WTC7 Newly Built.

 WTC7 From Air.

 Twin Towers. =1.000.000. (ONE MILLION) Tons; STEEL and RE-ENFORCED CONCRETE.

In other words; the fact the Tower was still Standing; after impact; shows it was built to withstand the impact it received.

But what about fire?.

WTC7 Under Construction.
WTC7 Rate of Collapse.

Collapse of 1st Tower.
Mass x Speed=Momentum.

The Math; Mass=140 tons=plane x 500 mph = momentum=70.000 tons of Mass hit the tower.

A single tower weighs 500.000 tons;The Math=500.000 divided by 70.000=7.14; that means a single tower had 7.14 x Mass, than the plane traveling at 500 mph.

Now taking into account the explosion when the plane hit; explains the total damage/loss to the building from the 78 floor and upwards.

but cannot explain the total collapse; because the buildings Mass below the 70th floor is still  substantially intact. (even the windows are (not) blown out) 
(Something else) destroyed the substantial steel beams; and thousands of tons of ;  Re-Enforced Concrete.