Thursday, 3 October 2013

Мокрый электролизер

Above; This is the production you should aim for; in a Hydrogen Generator;this belongs to original up-loader.

I researched and experimented with H Generators; here are the results;

I built a Hydrogen PULSE PUMP GENERATOR, (not) the same as the HHO generator above, but the rules are exactly the same.

It only takes 2v DC to split Hydrogen from Oxygen; most vehicles run on 12v or 24v DC systems; so it is crucial to build the H Cell to suit that voltage; or overheating will hinder production;

The Royal Pyramid at Giza is the key.

It was built using the same laws as the HPP Generator (below) I made using stuff just lying around.


The rules are simple; but must be applied; or damage; or even explosion may occur; the bubbles contain HHO = H2 O2= Oxyhydrogen..

The trick with a H generator is to tickle/trickle the H2 and 02 bonds; so it (persuades) them to separate; the more power you apply; the more resistance. So apply the OPPOSITE LAW. =LESS POWER going IN=less resistance.

Next!.. is one of the greatest reasons why this Energy; is not fully developed and used to supply our Energy Needs.