Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Monday, 7 October 2013

Pure Hydrogen Separator Cell by Hydrobullet part 1 its not hho generator

This is an exceptional type of Generator; it follows the Duel Rule in Nature; and the opposite Law=everything must have an opposite. also the Greater and lesser law.

It is CRUCIAL to stick to the ROYAL RULE.

If the design of your generator obeys these rules, it will work.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Мокрый электролизер

Above; This is the production you should aim for; in a Hydrogen Generator;this belongs to original up-loader.

I researched and experimented with H Generators; here are the results;

I built a Hydrogen PULSE PUMP GENERATOR, (not) the same as the HHO generator above, but the rules are exactly the same.

It only takes 2v DC to split Hydrogen from Oxygen; most vehicles run on 12v or 24v DC systems; so it is crucial to build the H Cell to suit that voltage; or overheating will hinder production;

The Royal Pyramid at Giza is the key.

It was built using the same laws as the HPP Generator (below) I made using stuff just lying around.


The rules are simple; but must be applied; or damage; or even explosion may occur; the bubbles contain HHO = H2 O2= Oxyhydrogen..

The trick with a H generator is to tickle/trickle the H2 and 02 bonds; so it (persuades) them to separate; the more power you apply; the more resistance. So apply the OPPOSITE LAW. =LESS POWER going IN=less resistance.

Next!.. is one of the greatest reasons why this Energy; is not fully developed and used to supply our Energy Needs.