Sunday, 28 July 2013

Egyptian Revolution- 18 Days in 10 Minutes. A sad & inspiring time.

Former President George Bush talks about Hydrogen Cars.

I wonder how the world would be if George had kept his word?..

Hydrogen power has always been available, especially in our lifetime, many great inventors have come up with some great solutions to the worlds energy needs, but for some strange reason, one after another died suddenly, or just vanished from public view.

In the case of Stanley Meyer, in 1998 he was eating at a restaurant when suddenly, he got up from the table, and staggered outside, claiming he had been poisoned by the two men he was eating with. He Died.

His invention was poo! poo'd! in court but many still believe it really worked, and that the military run the war machine with hydrogen gas.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


This video is about real life events and is very graphic in some content, there is some swearing by some individuals, but this is due to the shock of what they see.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Why are British people being put through Austerity, when our Government knows its all a scam by the Globalists to take over Britain & America.

Its being Shouted from the Rooftops that Corruption & blackmail are being used to control SOME MP's. 

Why spend billions supporting the Globalists, while Our sick/disabled people are being left to die on the streets, or commit suicide to escape from the helplessness they feel.

The Globalists are blinding us to it, the BBC is rife with victims of blackmail, and threats, to keep this out of the Mainsteam News.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Obama, Biden, Bush, Chainey, Petraeus, Rice, Holder Indicted for Wars Cr...

World Wide Arrest Warrants Issued For Bush And Obama 2013

Amid all the controversy of Edward Snowdon,
(exposing illegal spy program) the very people who are calling him a traitor, are themselves in serious trouble for war crimes and treachery, Arrest Warrants have been authorized around the world for G Bush jnr and Barack Obama.

Friday, 19 July 2013

GPs in Wales told not to help benefit appeals

A new ploy to (Get and Keep) sick/disabled people off benefits is under way, Doctors are being told not to support patients who need written evidence off their particular health problems, under the guise of; Its not in your contract to write supporting letters for patients going to a tribunal to recover their lost benefits.

Just in case you are not aware (NAZI ALERT!..NAZI ALERT!..)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Suppressed Technology Alex Jones

Jim Marrs talks to Alex Jones about why HHO technology is being suppressed.

Friday, 12 July 2013

It Runs On Water Full Documentary. We have the ability to run the whole world on Water.

I Wonder at the excuses given for not investing and using water as our main source of fuel, but then I discovered that its being willfully suppressed by greedy selfish people, who have no desire to share this knowledge.

In simple terms, if you knew a way to stop pollution, end wars over (oil) & energy,  fix the economy, save lives on a global scale, wouldn't you use it?

Of course you would, so why is it suppressed?..

Surely not because its safe, not because its clean, not because its an endless supply of free energy, no; its suppressed for ALL of these reasons.

Which means that there is an ulterior motive, when water is so clean and efficient, cheap and very safe to use, Why is the idea of using water so ridiculed?.. Answer; Profit!..& Control!.. Using fossil fuels is very expensive, and controllable, instead of  using your tap, or wandering down to the nearest lake to top up your tank for free, you are forced to pay excessive prices at the pumps, owned by the likes of (Shell) and other huge oil companies, then forced to pay 60% tax.