Thursday, 21 March 2013

Space Debris and Asteroid Threats - C-SPAN Video Library

Space Debris and Asteroid Threats - C-SPAN Video Library:

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Asteroid Impact Hitting Earth In 6 Days ? Extecntion Level Event ? - YouTube

This has just been posted on YouTube, The reason I have added it here is, because of the date it is supposed to happen.
 26 March 2013 is the true Passover.
Churches around the world don't celebrate it until Friday after sunset.

Asteroid Impact Hitting Earth In 6 Days ? Extecntion Level Event ? - YouTube:

And something like a burning Mountain was cast into the Sea.
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Friday, 15 March 2013



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Due to the removal of the original video from YouTube THIS one is its replacement.


This is the direct result of;

Endless hot water without electricity! - YouTube

The world is full of surprises, you only have to look. 
Endless hot water without electricity! - YouTube:

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Light bulb Conspiracy - YouTube

In the 1930's a large group of businessmen, from around the world, gathered together to decide (how to produce) goods of all kinds, that would best serve big business.

KEEP IN MIND, THAT THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE LIGHT BULB THAT HAS ALREADY LASTED 100 YEARS and proves conclusively that its not only possible but very practical.

The purpose of this meeting was to establish a policy, to make manufactures tow the line, and produce goods that have a SHORT LIFE SPAN in the interest of the economy.

But does it really work?

Well it works for them!.  but what about us?.  If you apply that policy to (all) the goods needed (or used) in daily life, here is what happens.

As an example; lets say;

A washing machine can be built to last 50 years, but the problem with that is; you will probably get fed up with it after a few years, but as long as it is not damaged it will be worth Half its original purchase cost, because it has a 50 year life span. Lets say it costs £400 new, and you kept it 10 years, then sold it, remember it still has 40 years service left in it, so its a bargain at £200 (You) have now got £200 pounds back, to put towards a brand new one, and also, You have had 10 years (GOOD SERVICE).

Works for me.

Now lets check it out, doing it the CARTELS way; 

So they made a decision.

For example.

Lets give it a life span of  5 to 8 years, and it can have a small fault some time (after) the warranty  runs  out,  and we can charge £300 purchase price + insurance cover for an extra 2 years= £50 total= £350. But Then,  after 6 years it breaks down, Now You have to choose between scrapping it, and then buying a new one, Or; fix it. Both options will cost (You) more  money.

I can only go by personal experience from here, there will be no £200 (secondhand resale) price for (you) instead, there will be a BILL. (Negative equity) in other words; you loose £200 + the cost of repair or replacement.

Now, you have no machine, you can call the ENGINEER or; you can go off and buy a new one, most can be fixed for a price.

Lets say, I went off to buy a new one,  but the price after six years, has gone up to£350 +£50 for extra insurance. so now I've paid out £350 for the original, and £400 for the replacement =£750  and, its caused a nightmare sorting it out, plus it is only six years old, and has cost nearly twice as much  in 6 years, as the one made to last 50 years.

But it doesn't end there.

Now the Kettle has died. then the Dryer brakes down.
(you know the story)

Conclusion= With something built to last 50 years, it would only cost the (purchase price) plus servicing over that time, but how much will it cost if you replace one every 8 years=buy 6 over same period (50 years)  at £350 a time. work it out, see if (you) think that is the best way to go!..the Cartel did. =  total cost 6x£350= £2100 just for your washing machines.

Now multiply that by 10,000,000. PEOPLE.
The Light bulb Conspiracy - YouTube:

Remember; this (delicate) LIGHT BULB, HAS LASTED OVER 100 YEARS, and has never been switched off.

Now we get to the nitty gritty stuff, multiply that by 10,000,000.  people buying six washing machines. Obviously it would be much more people on a Global scale,  (remember) the Cartel is GLOBAL.
But that is a nice round figure.

Their first purchase would generate 10.000.000.x £350=£3,500,000,000. THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS For the (1st machine) But for all six over the (50 year period)
6 x 10,000,000=60.000.000. machines at £350 Each.
(not counting inflation)

Wait till you see this figure!..60,000,000.x £350,.=£21,000,000,000. TWENTY ONE THOUSAND, MILLION POUNDS.  Then you (take away) the price of The FIRST 10,000,000. x £350=(£3,500,000,000.)  for machines, because buying the first one is your own choice. that leaves= 17,500,000,000. SEVENTEEN BILLION, FIVE HUNDRED MILLION, POUNDS extra (turn over) for the world Cartel.

That is only; ONE PRODUCT. Counting only 10 million people world wide over  50 years.


I can see why it is a good plan for the Cartel.

Now comes the fallout from the boom, the Cartel gets rich, but Joe Blogs gets stitched.

Joe now has to work more hours, to pay the extra costs, remember (Everything) is;
 DESIGNED WITH A SHORT LIFE SPAN, I once bought a video recorder that cost £400. One month after the warranty ran out, it broke down.  So everything fails after the designated time.
(sometimes before)

Joe is now skint, so he buys second hand, and so do some of the 10,000,000 others.
On the upside a lot of jobs are created, but demand is so great, people can't keep up, so robots are built to do the work, the workforce of say; 50 is now reduced to 10 people, and  robots working day and night.

Big companies love robots, they work endlessly without food, without tea breaks, without lunch breaks, and never need a cigarette or the toilet.

But what about Joe and the others that are now unemployed?..

On a World Wide scale, which is what the (actual reality) is; unemployment becomes a huge problem, and with a little help from some crooks (insider traders) the whole plan, goes down the pan, and the world economy, can just collapse.

The policy called;  FEED THE GREEDY and IGNORE the NEEDY, always ends badly.

So now we get to the effects, of MASS PRODUCTION.

WASTE is the most obvious, waste of every kind, waste of fuel, waste of packaging, waste of manpower waste of energy.

The list is endless waste.

Debt is rampant, and, pollution is out of control.

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

1000 Miles Per Gallon sHell Research Late 70's - YouTube

Experiments in the 60's and 70's using VAPOUR  FUEL SYSTEMS
Produced amazing results.

1000 Miles Per Gallon sHell Research Late 70's - YouTube: Please (CLICK THIS LINK) to view on YouTube.

Tom Ogle designed a VAPOUR FUEL SYSTEM and took it to the OIL COMPANIES  who offered to buy him out as long as he NEVER PRODUCED ANOTHER  V.F.S. (Vapour fuel system) but he could keep his original converted car.

He refused to sell on those terms, so they threatened him with Court. 

Please read  what Milehighsnake98 says first.

Above is part of a conversation I had with a YouTube account called Milehighsnake98  He Called me an idiot, and wants to debunk what I said.

Tom Ogle.

This is where he died.
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